Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Double-Talk from the Left

Town hall protesters raise their voices in opposition to big government and Pelosi, Baird, and others compare them to terrorists and Nazis. A Republican representative calls the President a liar and Democrats reprimand him in a powerless "resolution." So-called death panels were harshly criticized as fear-mongering and lies. A constant attack on conservative opponents to current health care proposals is based in an apparent demand for civil discourse and a condemnation of hyperbolic insults.

But wait...where were Polosi and Baird when Rep. Alan Grayson said what he did the other day? Grayson said on the House floor that the GOP plan for health care is "1. Don't get sick, 2. and if you do... 3. die quickly." Nevermind for now that the claim is demonstrably false. Let's stick the point that while Republicans like John McCain went on TV minutes after Joe Wilson's "You lie" outburst and called for an apology whereas liberals hail Grayson as bold and brazen. It is blatantly obvious that Democrats do not want civility, they want ammunition against a public that is increasingly opposed to their government take-over.

But Grayson's straw-man tactic is nothing new to politics, much less to liberal rhetoric. Has Grayson heard anyhting baout tort reform, illegal immigration crackdown, or insurance portability across state lines? It's not that the GOP has no plan, it's that they don't have his plan. So, instead of actually talking about the courts, immigration, or portability, they string that straw man up on the pole and say that there is no plan at all. And Grayson goes a step further by accusing Republicans of wanting people to die, an accusation that is far worse than the death panel claims (which at least had some root in the proposed bills).

I'm still waiting for Obama to chastize Grayson like he does every critic of his plan that uses hyperbole and insults to make their points.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let me start out by saying that our president is 1) very smart, and 2) a very good speaker. Because of these two traits, I have to conclude that President Obama carefully crafted today's speech to the joint session and meant exactly what he said when he said:

"I will not back down on the basic principle that, if Americans can't find affordable coverage, we will provide you with a choice." (click here to read the entire speech)

This single sentence struck me more than anything else he said. To him, there is a principle at stake. And what is this principle? That if people can't afford something then government will provide it?

Obama is not stupid and speeches have made his career, so please don't think that this was just a poor choice of words, or that I am reading too far into this. This is perhaps his most important speech to date and you can bet your life that he has revised it a thousand times. He called it a principle, and that's what he meant.